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A Digital FinTech & Identification ecosystem for Aviation.

Cirql Auth is Bavarian Airlines' blockchain-based identity verification system. Cirql Auth is designed to provide a secure, reliable, and convenient way for our customers to verify their identities when using our services. With Cirql Auth, you can enjoy a seamless check-in and boarding experience, without the need for physical documents or traditional identity verification methods.

Using blockchain technology, Cirql Auth creates a unique digital identity for each customer, which is stored securely on the blockchain. This digital identity can be verified instantly by our system, allowing you to access our services quickly and efficiently. Additionally, Cirql Auth is designed with privacy and security in mind, so you can trust that your personal information is safe and secure.

At Bavarian Airlines, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience. With Cirql Auth, we aim to streamline the identity verification process, reduce wait times, and enhance the overall travel experience for our customers. We are excited to bring this innovative solution to the aviation industry, and we look forward to launching Cirql Auth in the near future.


Hassle-Free Identity Verification for Bavarian Airlines

Cirql Wallet -

Secure and Convenient Digital Wallet

Cirql Wallet is an innovative digital wallet developed by Bavarian Airlines that is designed to make travel easier and more convenient for our customers. With Cirql Wallet, you can securely store all your travel documents, including your boarding pass, passport, and travel insurance, in one place on your mobile device. No more searching for misplaced documents or carrying bulky wallets and purses.

Cirql Wallet is built on blockchain technology, which ensures that your sensitive information is encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. This means you can have peace of mind knowing that your personal information is safe and secure.

Cirql Wallet also allows you to easily manage your loyalty program points and rewards. You can view your current points balance, redeem rewards, and track your progress towards earning new rewards. Plus, you can receive personalized offers and promotions based on your travel history and preferences.

With Cirql Wallet, you can streamline your travel experience and have more time to focus on what really matters – enjoying your trip.

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